produced by Sieber, directed by Lieven Vanhove

The fragile world of a couple is torn apart. What was once one landscape, are now two halves separated by a turbulent sea. Orville remains on a cliff in their home that used to be an integral part of the ruptured lighthouse, in which Imme is now stuck. He has been trying desperately to bring her back, but without success. Meanwhile, Imme continues to send her grief to the other side using birds. When suddenly her unstable world begins to collapse, Orville must come up with the ultimate solution to rescue her.

This short movie is a blend of live action, 3D-animation and a lot of post production.


Festivals & awards

LA Shorts Fest - Award Best experimental movie
Leuven Short Film Festival
Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival-16 - Award Best VFX
Oaxaca Film Fest
Toronto International Shorts Festival
Dhaka International Film festival
Juggernaut Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival
Noida International Film Festival - Best VFX
Taos Shortz Mexico - Best animation
35th Brussels International Festival of Fantasy - Prix La Trois
Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam
Ciné Privé Ghent
Derby Film Festival
Phoenix Comicon Film Festival
Vaughan International Film Festival (nominated in category Best director, Best film and Best cinematography)





Writer & director: Lieven Vanhove

Producer: Sieber Marly

Co-producers: Peter De Maegd - Potemkino, Guy & Wilfried Van Baelen - Mollywood and Raf Schoenmaekers - Komkomdoorn, Jan Goossen - Grid vfx

Cast: Sarah Eisa & Geert Vandyck

D.O.P: Marc Van Acker
Art/SFX: Arne Norman & Thomas De Smet - MovieFX
Music composer: Adriaan Swerts
Make-up: Saar Baudewijn
Costume design: Lotte Van Huyck
Editor: Mathieu Depuydt

VFX-team: Tim Vandekerckhove, Pieter Swusten, Kristof Indeherberge and Raf Schoenmaekers